Wednesday, May 13, 2009

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Zzzzzohcrapit'sfourinthemorningonWednesdayAAHH THE YODELING MAKE IT STOPOPOPOPOPPPPPPPPPPPPP... sob.

This place, the place in the final page--woo, two pages, but only because the one was a cheap page and I was late anyway... is the place between places. In the original script it was called 'the place at the end of the world' or some bs like that, can't remember. But the essense of it was the same: a formless void between dreams/worlds/stories/whatever the mythos called it at the time, and it was a long black ocean under a moonless sky. There's a glimpse of it in the gallery, in the Mila/Abroidine fight sketch. Of all the places in the original script, I feel I did this one the most justice. I had very specific mental images and while some are similar, such as Falahil and Mysada's general landscapes--this one is bang on. Now if I could just replicate that for Metruis, I'll be happy.

Heck, if I could do it for the White City, I'd be happy, but that's a challenge I doubt I can meet. Banner Exchange