Monday, May 11, 2009

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So I was going to do two pages. Then suddenly I realized I needed to pencil the next section again. I have got to stop working on the wire. However, the alternate version makes more sense, sooo... meh. It's not like I have 2000 people waiting for my updates. XD So here's one.

Spellcasting works by elements. Most people have a natural element which is easiest for them to cast through. Some people have two--generally one of the six elements and either a chaos or an order element, which are entirely different from the six elements. The six elements consist of Mind, Dream, and Memory, and Chaos, Order, and Time, each with their own personalities and specialities. Time magic is entropy related... dream magic is what this entire damn story is about... anyway, you'll learn about all this stuff as the story goes on, but most importantly right now is that Chaos and Order magic are 'different'. They split into lesser elements. Chaos' happen to be the physical elements: earth, air, fire and water. The physical elements happen to oppose each other and clash in natural ways making someone with a natural physical element suspeptable to certain things. Say, Ariane as a spellcaster is a fire elemental, and happens to not have a fun time swimming or when it's raining. Though Ariane is not fire, her natural elemental alignment effects her.

A magician isn't limited to one element, though they may be alligned most naturally with a certain one or two, and if they know their enemy's natural element, they can use it against them.

Hence Marien's use of a physical flame. There's many ways to spellcast here and Marien's is different than Saerin's. Banner Exchange