Presented in order of appearance, mostlyishkinda, not order of signifigance. These are just all the named characters...

Summoned to Mysada without warning by the head of the Order of Wizards, it is Dayun's mission to uncover the mystery behind the planet.

Dayun's teacher, not much is known about Gabriel Lhae and his past... or his magic. Though elementally, he is affiliated with fire, he is also affiliated with a higher brand of magic: time.

Talnaver is a fairly well respected member of the Order for her contributions. She's affiliated with more than one faction--the Order, the Maldlahin as Galvahaert's guardian--and her own family, of course.

Little is yet known about this enigmatic rogue elf.

A pickpocket from Balarn, Dreshae is the planet's elected target--but he doesn't know this. His only family is a handful of other street children, who are well provided for by the town.

Mila seems to have some signifigance...

The Maldlahin of Fire.

Shay is an elf. Yes, Shay is an elf wearing human armor. Your point?

Varden is the "E.L.F" king's main scientist and magician and experimentificator, highly trusted. Of course, elves tend to take on the appearance expected of them, but that doesn't mean they have to look like every other elf. So Varden, for all his near-NPCness, doesn't look like every other elf. Elves tend to go swing that way.

Mysada is both the planet, and the woman. As the personification of the planet, she is immortal until either she is entirely destroyed--and the planet with her--or the planet destroyed. Like any planet-being, she can only reform a body at the heart of her dreamworld. And like any dreamworld, she is only the dream of someone from the real world, spun out of control. She has elected to not have any guardians.

Like Mysada--her older sister--Falahil is only the dream of someone from the real world, spiralled out of control. She is a far younger world, and her personification reflects this. She was never a difficult target for the destructive elves.

Sarin is the head of the Order of Wizards in Mysada. He has a distinctive amount of pull amidst the people, possibly more than the King himself...

Navadae Elaedhph. El-AY-f. Seriously. Where some people have purposeless Japanese names, I have pointlessly Gaelic names. Technically, if I was really keeping her name to Irish Gaelic, it would be spelt Namhadae (na-wah-jay), but as the chances of her surname appearing in the script are slim, I elected to spell her name more logically for an English speaker (who would end up with nam-had-ay). Navadae has no real love for Dayun. He killed Calendria, her former guardian, and was the nearest water affiliated creature. The role defaulted to him.