Sunday, January 11, 2009

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For those who may have talked to me before chapter three was done, they may have heard me complain. "Chapter four is going to test my patience". This room is why. Being a normal teenager, she has a normal teenage room--at least to my knowledge, because me and my friends all have cluttery rooms with stuff on the wall and who knows what else. I'm making a statement about her personality with this room, really... but that said! As I was roughing out this page, and the colors, suddenly it hit me: people LOVE free advertising, right? So, let me tell you just how much this next sequence is brought to you by a whole ton of other artists. Without them, her room would be boring and lifeless and, like other rooms, avoiding decoration as much as possible. Take a look back at how utilitarian my other indoor settings have been. I love detail enough that I am intentionally VERY lazy, otherwise I'd never get my updates done! I get away with as little as I can. This room wanted posters. This room wanted glow in the dark stars. The stars were no biggy (she demanded them). The posters... the books on the floor and in the shelf that you can't actually see because it's on the other wall... the board covered in pictures... those were. So I put out an open call for art on a couple forums: Tomgeeks and Spiderforest. "Give me your art so I can stick it on my character's wall!" People came through. (Probably because they love free advertising) People told me "here's my DeviantArt page, take what you want!" And so, the following chapter (or at least, what takes places in this room) is brought to you by the following artists/comics, who gratiously let me steal their art and slap it on walls, books and otherwise, everywhere.

Emily Brady of Footloose. On this page, her art can be seen on a book cover sitting in the nightstand.
ElectricPanda (does not have a comic) ElectricPanda's DeviantArt page. Art does not appear on this page.
Purenightshade of Children of the Tiger. Art can be seen behind Rease's head.
Nightlyre of NightLyre's website gallery. Corner of art can be seen beside panel three.
Becky of Nossus. Art can be seen as a poster on the wall in panel one and three, on the side of the nightstand in panel one, and a postcard on the board beside Rease's head.
NAAN of GM Marchen. Art can be seen as a book beside the nightstand--her comic's cover.
Moss of Cat Legend. Art can be seen as the calendar on the wall and a picture pinned to the board, mostly hidden by Rease's arm.
Witchy of Life's a Witch. Art can be seen as a poster on the footboard of the bed in the bottom left corner.
Al-X of Nahast. Art can be seen just above the Cat Legend picture, mostly hidden by panel one.
KEZ of War of Winds. Art can be seen as a poster on the wall in panels one and three.
JGray of 2nd Shift and Mysteries of the Arcana (Mysteries of the Arcana's art is by Keith W, poster is mostly hidden by panel three and one, in the corner of panel four. Second Shift page is in the nightstand.
Kallisti of Apple of Discord. Apple of Discord pages appear as a comic book flopped open on the floor in panel one. Amanda of Salt the Holly. Art cannot be seen on this page.
BlkKnight of Crossing Death. Comic strip stuck to board, behind Rease's head. Bubblecap hat on the floor in panel one.

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