Thursday, January 8, 2009

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Kind of a cheap update, but I am kind of updating with fresh art for chapter one over on the SpiderForest mirror right now. And looking for a job. I have an interview in, uh... 7 hours. Wish me luck.

My character demanded glow in the dark stars. Since I've been making her life hell, I complied. Glow in the dark stars isn't that bad, but she also demanded posters on her wall... let me tell you, for a relatively simple scene, painting a bunch of trees is far easier than getting a teenage girl's room just right. I should know. I'm a teenage girl. Thankfully, I have many friends in webcomics who came through with art to help me out. So this setting is brought to you by many webcomics and artists who pitched in a drawing or three to plaster her walls. Credit will be given when said art appears. >.>

Anyway, I updated on SpiderForest yesterday, I might later today depending on how the interview goes and all. If I can't get it up (it's an all new page) it'll be up Friday. The page does have some of the art completed and if I didn't need to pick up a few hours of sleep before interview time, I'd have it up. :)

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