Sunday, December 7, 2008

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...This is... the single most traumatizing page I've ever done. For me. I put off drawing this thing so much. o.o It also led me into one realization: I didn't care about my original story much at all. I mean, that script? I wrote it two years ago and I hate it. None of this was in the script. It was just 'background that happened'. In the process of drawing this page... well... trying to NOT have to draw this page and realizing it was next... I kind of realized what I wanted. The good news is, it involves MINIMAL alterations. The only reason I'm bringing it up is that it will cause one notable difference to the chapter one redux--which is still going to happen, though the events will be much the same.

Shay will no longer exist.

Frankly, she was a waste of space to begin with. Don't worry! Avante will still live. Shay's plotline just won't. This should improve the readability of the story.

So yeah, now I'm frantically trying to outline the story alterations. =P Happy holiday outlining woooo. I figure if I'm stuck with this story for the next few years, it's most important that I like it, though.

Oh, by the way! Reviewer Chris! I'm now done with the pencils I did back before November, so I'll be keeping your panelling critique in mind now. =P This one is an experiment with said panelling. Dangit, why did I never find 'create clipping layer' before?! Harder panelling = now easier. If you guys could keep your eyes on my panels from now on and see if my experiments look good or bad, that'd be great!

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