Sunday, November 16, 2008

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And so it begins...

I haven't touched speedlines since that page way back there in the first chapter--on that chapter note, I WILL be redoing/adding, which means Between Places will be seeing a reboot/redux hopefully early next year. I'll be looking for critics to run over the alternate script. I dunno, I think these lines look a bit better than the ones I did for that other running page.

I sprained my ankle something nasty today. Blah. You'd never think an ankle can throw drawing off, but it definately can.

Nanowrimo! Word count: 47,022

Elion paused at the end of the hall and glanced back. Rease was still there, staring out of the window. She hadn’t turned, she hadn’t budged, there was nothing to indicate any strong emotion on her part.

He tried to see her. Tried to see past what illusion she was projecting of herself, letting faze his mind and the others. But she’d recovered enough now, and she wasn’t going to let him get past her barriers. There was something there, he knew it. He remembered flashes—it wasn’t that he remembered what was behind the flashes, but he remembered they were there. He remembered that her eyes had changed and she’d changed how he remembered her eyes. He couldn’t remember what her eyes were supposed to look like. Just that her eyes had changed.

He knew that there was some sort of projection continually around her. He could sense it, like a vague hum in his mind, and it faded just a bit when she was frazzled, rushed or somehow being pulled along faster than she could keep up. It was so strong on Almaera. He knew she was hiding something from everyone around her. And the Royals hadn’t noticed. Her mother hadn’t noticed.

Still with me? Woo! Here, have a couple icons for being patient. I should probably add more crops to my icons page. And the piece of fanart from Nicole>h. And update my cast page, for that matter. I'm just laazy. For that matter, I ought to update my links page...

Hey, so I found these adoptable thingies. I know, I know, I'm awful...I never usually do these things but I felt like it and maybe some of you guys are the types to get into adoptable sprite things. So feel free to click my eggs.

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