Thursday, November 13, 2008

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Experiment in panelling, check! Drawings I'm not happy with... check! Vampires are fast but evidently don't melt in sunlight? Check! I suppose it's worth mentioning that Gabriel's surname is Lhae.

Nanowrimo: 41,368 words

“How’s it going?” she continued, absent-mindedly. “Three weeks, you know. Even a long dream is still usually a night, and then you wake up. Enjoying it? Are you having fun there? Found secrets to the universe yet? I guess not, or you might be awake by now. I’m sure the right to wake up from a dream counts as one of those secrets of the universe, hey? I’m sorry, you know. You really shouldn’t have to be asleep like this, asleep until you finally fight your way out of that maze between reality and dream.”

She tugged at Sindre’s hair.

“No one should,” Rease breathed. “Too bad. We all do. Too bad you didn’t make any good Maldlahin friends, they might have had the best chance at finding your mind.” Banner Exchange