Tuesday, November 11, 2008

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I am LITERALLY falling asleep in my chair. Just because I got the last update up on time doesn't mean I wasn't tired when we got back from the weekend thing I was at... so the quality of this page is not as high as I would normally make it. I skimped as much as I could. I looked for no references. The anatomy is a bit wonky, therefore. Yes, I know. I can see it. I'm too tired to do any further work, where I normally would.

Gabriel doesn't appear to take cackling villains very seriously.

Nanowrimo: 33,585 words.

“She never told me anything!”

“You would’ve ran if we had,” Terra said, roughly. “Donan. Can you run some tests on her while we drive?”

Dynae tried to get a good look at the driver. He was a tall, middle aged man with white in his hair, she didn’t recognize him. He didn’t dress like any highlander she knew, or any tinker, or anyone she’d ever met. Maybe a city dweller but she certainly didn’t remember the people from that far back.

“Tests?” she asked, cautiously.

“Tests,” Terra said flatly. “You don’t match the records of any person from Galthren. At least, not without any further information.”

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