Sunday, November 2, 2008

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November update number one! This one's on time. Quality's a little lower than I'd like. I couldn't get a reference for the first panel... well, I had one for the snow, but not for them. Had a reference for the second panel. She still looks ghastly pale. I kind of want to fix his gesture there, and then make them look less pale, but that'll be post Nano. I suspect I'm going to have several pages I want to fix. I also wanted a page between this one and the last one, to transition better, however, I just couldn't get into the mindset to write the page. I mean, I had this one half done and looked and went 'that's a bad transition' but now I'm focused on November writing. There'll be a page between this and the last one later. Instead of the voice-over dump there. But for now, we're going to be on a Gabriel/Falahil scene.

For those clueless about her costume change, she's wearing Gabriel's shirt. He's not that strong of a character and couldn't carry her forever, so she had to walk.

Nanowrimo! I am writing a story currently under the name of Revenant Lights, it dabbles into Gabriel's history, and potentially a few other characters. Word count: 20,119. It's like Little House on the Prairie meets 1984 meets Final Fantasy XII right now, and that's really kind of creepy. But yeah, that plus my traditional dreamworld setting. Exerpt time!

It was a typical night, the sky a rich and deep blue with stars scattered throughout it and a brilliant crescent moon. But there was nothing to do here. Eventually Sindre headed back to the town surrounding the mansion, walking downhill. There was an ocean a couple hourís walk away, she could see it faintly on the horizon. And it wasnít as if she didnít have all the time in the world in this invisible plane in the past.

So many nights spent here--Sindre had grown attached to the galas and the balls and the men and women of the court dressed up in their fancy clothes. So very unlike the Empire of her time. It was a cruel, harsh Empire and even when they put on pretty clothes, it was only to conceal the rats underneath.

And even twenty layers of silk and lace wasnít enough to hide the fact that the Empress was nothing more than a--

The village was abnormally quiet. Banner Exchange