Tuesday, November 4, 2008

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Wordcount: 22,600

I'm not a huge fan of the panels on this page, it was an experiment, I don't really like how it turned out, but feh. It's November. I don't EDIT things in November. >.>

Exerpt time!

"Ridiculous! we have more than enough ships to stave off an attack from the west." The queen stared at Sindre. "The ocean side is protected. If anything, they would strike from the mountains. But weíve made peace with the tribes. Or an attempt to, at the very least. And who are you?"

"Sindre Decarthe. Iím from the future."

"I fear they struck you too hard in the stables." The queen narrowed her eyes slightly. "I fear youíve been dazed, my dear."

"You donít understand! I dream the past. I see what happened, once upon a time, and I can walk in it. As I am here, I am likewise in my own time. In the year seven hundred."

> The queen smiled. "Six hundred and fifty years later, is it? And the Imperials still hold domination over Naldhastar?"

"Over the entire world."

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