Sunday, September 14, 2008

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Eeee, it's so pretty. Of course NOW I've figured out how to make my snow look like snow and not just blots of dots. ISN'T SHE CUUUUTE?

I'm considering holding off until I finish chapter two to print. Actually, I probably will, just so I have more time to fix some things I did to the pages for the first chapter.

I'd like to thank Imaginary Daughter and Sophia: Awakening for linking back to Between Places. You guys are on my links page, but I thought I'd add a bit more publicity here. Imaginary Daughter is an oddly cute, manga-chibiish comic done with watercolors, and I keep waiting for that totally XD KAWAII main character to take over the universe. Sophia: Awakening is a very professional science-fiction webcomic, and I can see myself picking it up in a store over reading it on the internet. In a way, the feel of the story reminds me of my own, though the art style is dramatically different. I do believe it's the sort of story that I could say--if you liked the Matrix, you'll like this. They're both gorgeous comics, and I read both of them.

Under the request of a... uh... well, whatever * is, I've fixed the third panel to make Gabriel less fuzzy and more distinct. The original can be found at Banner Exchange