Tuesday, September 16, 2008

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And I have a buffer now! I like the snow. Alas, there won't be any snow for a while because we'll be cutting back to another side of the story for a while here. Because, you know, just as I was getting good at drawing the Hall of Muses and Falahil and Gabriel and all that snow, it's an ultimate place to cut to.

Poor Falahil. She's probably freezing to death. Chaotic good or not, there's still a 'good' in Gabriel's alignment. Or maybe he just has a weakness for adorable blond girls.

And Gabe has clothes under that trenchcoat! I was going to make it black, but then I realized he'd just sort of fade into the background with a black shirt. So he got a red shirt. He looks like Christmas. Whoops. As the story's taking a more realistic turn for the art, his hair's becoming a bit more of an auburn red, too. I like that. Instead of the ridiculously overcolorful colors in the beginning. Of course, the colors are just more muted on Falahil to begin with.

I'd also like to wish a happy seventh birthday to Zeera! Seven years of webcomicking. That's a LOT of years and a lot of comics, even on a one-per-week update schedule! She's got an entertaining space pirate adventure going on over there, do check it out.

Chapter One, Page One has been changed. Extensively. Go and look. There's a nice link in my gallery now to a 'redone pages' section.


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