Occasionally, as an artist, I look at pages and go AAAHHH WHY DID I DO THAT AND THINK IT LOOKED GOOD?! Sometimes it's just my own self critic, sometimes it's not. Nevertheless, for your amusement, the pages that have been redone. More will be added to this as I redo them, of course. Starting with...

Chapter One, Page One!

Here is the original, done in June 2008:

Changed September 16th, 2008. What was changed? Well, if you look at the one up there now, I added a line of dialogue, as well as narration which hopefully explains a bit more of why Dayun is on Mysada. The art, I essentially painted over the entire page, following my original lines but making it look more like the art does now.

Chapter One, page two

What was changed in this one? Well, EVERYTHING. It also got a second page, because I felt it was too much in one page the way I wanted to redo it, which of course comes here!

Chapter Two, page Six!

Here is the original!

As this isn't a half bad page, the only change made was to the third panel--Gabriel was practically faded into the bricks, and I painted over him and added a shadow so that you could actually SEE him.

More to come...