Thursday, March 5, 2009

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So, I was up in the afternoon, rearing and ready to get this update finished up when... there's a KNOCK AT THE DOOR! I say WHO IS IT? There's no answer. WHO IS IT? They're not sayin' anything. WHO IS IT? So finally I get up and open up the door and JUST AS I SUSPECTED! It's some water main break with a flock of seagulls haircut and only one nostril. Man, I hate it when I'm right.

So right now, our street's out of water. Well, probably more than just our street. They turned the water on twice for about 20 minutes today, during which I unfortunately could NOT have a shower (and I haven't showered in a couple days... eesh) and we had to panic and try stockpile water, wash toilets and get the dishes done. That's why this update is going up in the evening, rather than the morning. I have a couple liters of drinking water until tommorow or the next day, when we're going out of town to wash our laundry and buy some bottled water. Here's your update. Enjoy your running water and ability to shower whenever you feel like it. Nrgh.

And I don't USUALLY do this but... seriously. Precocious has the most awesome link banners I've ever seen in my life. CLICK THEM. BECAUSE THEY'RE AWESOME. Also, the comic is like Ozy and Milly gone ALL WRONG. So that makes it even better.

AWESOME, RIGHT? Well, I thought so.

Also, if you have some great urge to GIVE ME ALL YOUR MONEY I mean, advertise on my sites, I've set up Project Wonderful on my SpiderForest mirror which has just passed the 30 page requirement for PW. I've got a skyscraper and a handful of buttons. I don't have them on this mirror, because you can't put ads on ComicGenesis that I know of, without some sort of agreement with Keenspot. But yeah. Adspace over there. And also UPDATES. THAT YOU HAVEN'T EVER SEEN BEFORE. I'm doing the new chapter two over there right now. (I'll be posting it here as the final chapter before we make the move totally over to SF, though.) Banner Exchange