Tuesday, January 27, 2009

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THIS IS CLOSE ENOUGH TO AFTERNOON!!! Ahem. Well, it is after noon, and it's still Tuesday. So ppth. I said this update would be later anyway, becuase I was DYING yesterday. LITERALLY. Kind of. Except not literally at all. Did I ever mention I hate painting metal?

I have to go in tommorow to get shots. (sulks) Anyway, ooo, new scene! Kind of. For those who probably don't keep track of dates, current time is Feb 12, 2323 MST. That's the date Dayun first appears in Mysada. That is the date everything you've just seen happen happened on. Gabe and Falahil vs the snow golems and Dayun's epic flashback and the scene in chapter two that isn't actually on ComicGenesis and will only ever be seen on SpiderForest dun dun dun. When Rease woke up, and when Dayun woke up, it was sometime in the middle of the night so it's probably 02/13/23 now. This page is dated 03/31 2287. 36 years ago. If you pop back to the beginning of chapter three, Almaera is listed as part of the real world. Whether or not this is just a dream or a flashback remains to be determined. Except for the three or four of you who actually know what relevance this scene has already. DARN YOU. (shakes fist)  

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