Tuesday, January 20, 2009

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Yeah, yeah, this page is "late". It's only early afternoon Tuesday, but nonetheless, I admit it's a bit later than I normally get a page up. I TRIED to finish it last night, and I would've. However, Monday was my first day of work, which I left early to go to my Great Grandfather's funeral, and got home late, I was dead tired, I tried. I finished one and a half of the panels and I could've probably finished, but it was midnight, I was passing out on my keyboard and I kind of wanted to keep my new sleep schedule semi-intact, since I have to work tommorow too. That means SIX IN THE MORNING MORNINGS WAAH (sobs). I work in housekeeping at the hospital now. Woot. My job consists of running around and cleaning a lot of things. o_o If it's any consolation, since I'm up "early" I'm going to try finish and update with the next redux page tonight too! (And finish Thursday's update, Wednesday is going to be hellish. Full workday plus Awana theme night! x_x)

That said. Update! I love two of the panels, which is pretty good! But I REALLY love the last one.

Here's the chapter four background art credits again! Nothing new in this page but I apparently forgot it on the last page.

Emily Brady of Footloose.

ElectricPanda (does not have a comic) ElectricPanda's DeviantArt page.

Purenightshade of Children of the Tiger.

Nightlyre of NightLyre's website gallery

Becky of Nossus.

NAAN of GM Marchen

Moss of Cat Legend.

Witchy of Life's a Witch.

Al-X of Nahast

KEZ of War of Winds

JGray of 2nd Shift and Mysteries of the Arcana (Mysteries of the Arcana poster by Keith W.)

Kallisti of Apple of Discord

Amanda of Salt the Holly.

BlkKnight of Crossing Death.


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