Sunday, January 4, 2009

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For how flawed it is, THIS WAS A RIDICULOUSLY DIFFICULT PAGE TO PAINT. It wasn't emotionally challenging, like some have been, and it wasn't difficult to panel, like some have been, and it wasn't... it was... just... freaking hard. I don't know, most of the time was spent on the top panel, anyway, I think I'm going to kill myself later from making 'people when they're dreaming a world transparent and glowy' and then proceeding to do a painty art style rather than cel-shading, because CEL-SHADING would enable me to select the coloring, proceed to make it transparent, make the lineart a path and stroke around some glowy with the enter key, poof, done. Well, I got to use the enter key to give her glowy anyway, but painting the transparent when your art is based on several layers of buildup is a lot more difficult. It just doesn't look RIGHT when I paint her on a layer and make her transparent, what I imagine needs lineart to be done best.

So. No. This wasn't an easy page. (facepalm)

This is it for chapter three! Tune in Tuesday for the chapter cover and hopefully another page, but I'm doubting it, because I'm also updating with some retconed pages over on the SpiderForest mirror, hopefully to be updated sometime later today with yet another brand new, never before seen page! Woohoo! Go check it out if you haven't already, there's a couple of new pages! And there will continue to be new pages! Banner Exchange