Thursday, January 1, 2009

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Happy New Year! There's this other version of Between Places, this other site, over on SpiderForest that's retconing the beginning and once it catches up to this one, this one's going to stop updating. You should probably go and check it out and bookmark it. Right now, it's got no update schedule, but it will update as close to daily as I can manage while still updating in the CURRENT time over here three times a week. If all else fails, it'll update the days this one doesn't. Sometimes the pages won't have any changes. Other times, like the update for today, the update will be entirely new content. On the days where it isn't, I'll be posting several pages. There'll likely be some tweaking going on (speech bubble shapes, primarily, and texture work on some pages), but not anything notably huge. Nonetheless, there will be probably around 16-20 new pages added over the course of chapters one and two so you should probably follow it and check it out. I'll be announcing updates here, of course, and updates to here over there until they catch up, after which it will only update over there and I'll probably make a big, obnoxious banner on the front page to make sure you guys know that. (These archives will remain to forever immoralize the original chapters one and two.)

Plus! The update over there for "today" (replacing page three/dated June 20th) has a few cameo appearances from other webcomics--one from Cetiya, one from Mysteries of the Arcana (a soon to be released web graphic novel) and one from Anomaly.

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