Thursday, November 20, 2008

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This page was HARD, due to a distinct lack of reference pictures, for one thing...

Nano! 58,607 words.

He spoke, his voice still low. “I seem to recall we’d been discussing your home before we were so roughly interrupted, Miss Decarthe.”

“Oh, please,” she flirted, “call me Sindre.” Sindre stalked across the floor and sat down heavily on one of the delicate chairs, staring at her wrinkled fingers. “Yes, I seem to recall something to that effect. You.” She pointed at him. “Interrogator. What do you know about Metruis?”

He smiled thinly and sat down across from her. “It’s the capital of a galaxy far from here, inhabited by humans and the memory of Malchani, unmagical and gritty, the streets covered in filth from ash and dirt.”

She nodded and glanced off to the window, the sun just grazing the mountains beyond. It was blinding and she looked back to him as to not injure her eyes, though she was more interested in the plains and hills than the Interrogator’s steely eyes. “That’d be the one, yeah.” Banner Exchange