Sunday, August 31, 2008

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It only LOOKS like it was easy. ><

And, this is it for chapter one! Yay. Yeah, none of it makes sense, but most of the people we're going to meet over the course of the story--MOST, not all--have been introduced or eluded to. Not all, but most. I introduce people in a way different to a lot of others. By which I mean I don't even name most of them. I believe in dumping people into the action. It'll make sense in due time. None of this silly "hi, my name is... and this is my webcomic."

Nope. I dump people into the action. It just doesn't make sense yet. I also don't believe that I need an obvious protagonist to tell a story. I realize this breaks webcomic convention but I can tell a story with multiple characters if I want to. You guys are smart!

But seeing how this is the end of chapter one... HI! My name's Tiffany, and this is my webcomic (graphic novel?), Between Places. Thanks for reading this far. I know there's a few of you guys reading, and I'm grateful for it, really, I am. You'll learn more about stuff as time goes on. So I encourage you to keep reading. Three days a week: Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday: welcome to Between Places. It'll only keep getting better. Join me Tuesday for the start of Chapter Two, in which I haven't decided how I'm going to start it yet. Crap.

I'll be doing a print of chapter one. Why? Because I can. Why would you want to pay for something freely available online? Because I'll include some non-online art! And because you want to keep me in Oreo Cakesters. Actually, because any proceeds will go to advertising and a domain name. =P But since it's also for me, so I can have it to go all MY PRECIOUS AHAH over and so that I can grab it to reference instead of opening a million files to find the right clothes, I can save on shipping by getting more than one. It's cheaper that way. So lemme know at calthyechild AT gmail DOT com if you want to. It'll probably set you back about five bucks, give or take. But it's substancially cheaper if I print off more than one at a time. SubSTANCIALLY. And cheaper for shipping too, I bet. This won't be immediate because if more than just me wants one, I'll try fix up a few of the mistakes on the pages before printing.

For those of you headed off to college now, best of luck! Banner Exchange