Tuesday, July 8, 2008

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Many layers DIED to bring you this page.

Wow, I procrastinated on it. Drew a fancomic for Darken, freaked out continually at J about INKING it because I knew I'd do a subpar job on it... did a random desktop wallpaper...

Ten pages! Can ya BELIEVE it? I mean, that's not very impressive, but for my last series--Blue--I managed to get ten pages, but only a couple finished inked and only two colored and one was crap. I was experimenting with a coloring style that just didn't jive. And here. I have ten complete pages, a cover and dangitI'llhavetosneakinchaptergraphics... hmm. Oh well. And I have a CAST PAGE. Of course, as of typing this, I don't even have buttons for advertising. (coughs) Oops. Oh well. I suspect I'll use this page for that. It was a bloody lot of work! But maybe not. Still. 35 layers, split between two files since I did the effect over Shay on yet another layer entirely, shoot, that was a lot of work, regretfully it has panels over it... I'd have to kill the panels somehow... around three and a half hours coloring, an hour inking, an hour pencilling, I dunno. Rough pencils are fast, but I spent ages touching this page up, to try make it better than it was... as good as it could be. For me, it's pretty close. It's probably around 5-6 hours of work, which, for a page that really only I'm going to look at for more than two seconds, to read the pitiful amount of dialogue... is pretty sad. Ah well.

Ten pages. Wow.

That said, I'm going to try get link buttons up eventually, maybe more stuff in that gallery... needa code a table for it. Anything ya guys want to see? My art's already evolved, this page is SUBSTANTIALLY better than those first two. XP I'm using MEI as the forum since I already had it and my original fanbase was already members. Does that bug anyone? Should I be using ComicGenesis for a forum? Or an own-forum? Waste of space, I figure... should I have a tagboard?

Ten pages. Wow. In another 10, I'll be able to start advertising, maybe. XD I don't want to really start joining webcomic lists until I get a decent enough archive up to hook people. In the meantime, to the few of you I know are reading, thanks for reading this far. It can only get better, from those first couple pages.  

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