Sunday, September 6, 2009

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Dear readers: this page is late. It's later than you realize, though. This page is nearly a year late. You see, this scene, or more specifically, this page (as I scripted the buildup to it recently) was scripted to happen almost a year ago. I tried. There's rough pencils of it somewhere, if you read the first chapters you can see that I'm building up to this scene... and... I avoided this page for a long time. To the point of introducing a new character and subplot to distract myself. I knew I couldn't draw it. Even now, I fought to get this page down, to the point of a two week late update.

To the people who came back daily checking for an update, I am sooo sorry. To the one who kicked me and said "But I'm checking every day!", well, here you go. Here's your update. I hope you like it. I do. I couldn't have done this a year ago, when this page was scheduled to first happen. I couldn't have done this last night, when I was overtired and falling over in my chair. For those of you who waited a year for Dreshae to walk in and find Mila on the floor, who've known this was going to happen forever... here you go!

Regular updates should resume as soon as this scene is done. I haven't decided if I want another page or two for it yet. (I mean, the next scene is half finished so I don't have an excuse. x_x) Banner Exchange