Sunday, July 19, 2009

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...Wow. I can't believe I actually got my update done. o_O I haven't done a new page in so long. And my buffer got killed by my computer problems--the short of it is that a virus took out my harddrive and I was without a computer for around three days, plus time spent setting up and everything. In the meantime, I lost my week-long buffer. We may have an updateless week coming up because I planned to use last week to set my buffer up for CAMP... I'm going to be away for a week. But yeah, nothing. We'll see.

As for the update... what, you didn't think I introduced Dreshae for NOTHING, did you? What? I followed Rease and Gabriel since, like... October? WHAT? Well, you guys were complaining about my pacing so I slowed it down a notch or two. ^_^ But now we're going back to some of those OTHER people I introduced. Like Dreshae. Last we saw of him, he tossed Dayun's stuff into his apartment and went off to get Mila some cookies. Looks like a bit of time's passed since then, seeing as it's dark now...

Magic can be cast in several ways. Though previously we've just seen verbal and written cues--single words or entire, complicated sentences in Ekaeli--there's tons of other ways to cast as long as the correct element is invoked. Speech is by far the most common for immediate action spells, and writing probably the most used overall, to write shields and ward spells--things that need to potentially outlast the presence of the caster. Magic doesn't need a wizard or magician or whatever you want to call them present to be cast. My point? Cookies. Don't eat them. They will TOTALLY absorb your soul. Banner Exchange