Tuesday, March 31, 2009

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Yhijuklgmatjuhyhjegadrzfgdzzzz. Yeah, that sums it up about right. XD Writing Saerin and Rease's dialogue is difficult. I changed this page far too much for its own good. This is going to be a tricky sequence. x_x So yeah, hopefully it's apparent. Black/red text = Rease/Falahil. Beige/black text = Saerin.

This update apparently went up fairly late. CG's queue is really lagging. Apparently my news note didn't go up either. So this is a sort of later note once I realized it'd finally gone up (at three in the morning on the first) to apologize for the shear lateness, and also to add that I did get my update up on SpiderForest, albeit late! Page!

For any visitors from Galaxion, hi! I'll have to sneak in some more snarky references to Rease's reading material now, huh? If you look back a few pages, Rease has books from Galaxion on the floor. She apparently likes sci-fi manga. Of course, now we're back to the shiny outside scene. OF DEATH. >.>  

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