Sunday, March 22, 2009

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So yeah. I'm tired. The other update for SpiderForest--a new page--will go up in the afternoon sometime. Some of you who talked to me may have heard a different character would be in this scene. Apparently things changed on me, so now it's Larali Shovak rather than Desi Penn. Desi may yet appear, but Larali advanced the plot better.

This chapter, like chapter four, was made possible by the following people who graciously borrowed me art sotheycouldgetpermanentfreeadvertising to make this room, plus one new person (with an old comic) has also borrowed me book covers... Galaxion! Here they are!

Emily Brady of Footloose.
ElectricPanda (does not have a comic) ElectricPanda's DeviantArt page.
Purenightshade of Children of the Tiger.
Nightlyre of NightLyre's website gallery
Becky of Nossus.
NAAN of GM Marchen
Moss of Cat Legend.
Witchy of Life's a Witch.
Al-X of Nahast
KEZ of War of Winds
JGray of 2nd Shift and Mysteries of the Arcana (Mysteries of the Arcana poster by Keith W.)
Kallisti of Apple of Discord Amanda of Salt the Holly.
BlkKnight of Crossing Death.

Tera Tallan of Galaxion. Banner Exchange