Thursday, December 18, 2008

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Whew. Next week, there will still be an update every update day, probably, but I don't guarentee comics. I might just do guest art week since I have some Secret Santa fanart. ^_^ This update is a bit of a stylistic experiment, though you probably won't see all that much different to it, the most obvious one being the borderless speech bubbles. Yes/no?

Every once in a while (like, daily) I check out my stats. I get some frequent referrers, mainly because I'm in Rubifruit's exchange. Some of these comics I read. I've grown to expect occasional hits from them due to Rubifruit--it's a great source of links. Once in a while, though, I realize that it's not just the Rubifruit banner giving me hits. So I thought I'd throw a little bit of return love back at both Abandon: the First Vampire and Twilight Lady, the latter of which I threw on my links page ages ago because it's pretty cool and updates DAILY, of all things. And because they're really cool people who put me on their links page. I'm touched, really. ^_^ (both are PG-13 rated for various reasons)

It's worth saying that I love giving my characters magic abilities that tend to backfire on them on occasion, or aren't always very controllable or even kind of suck. Gabriel's power doesn't SUCK... not as much as a couple other character's do... but it does backfire a lot. There's a reason why he didn't try it at the beginning of the battle. Because usually he can't make it happen at will. USUALLY it just leaves him exposed too long while trying to cast it. Usually it randomly happens when he doesn't want it to. In short: yes, actually, it does suck and I am a cruel writer. I mean, here we have an entire order of people with cool powers, and what do they get? Uncontrollable time-stop abiltiies (only works in dreams) and EXTREMELY photograph memory (Dayun, works in the real world) and Talnaver has mild telepathy, enabling her to Jedi Mind Trick people in dreams and pretty accurately guess names and weights and stuff like that. There's a handful of other people in this team... Hellion, Lethe, Xi and Raiyn... but you're only going to be seeing these three for a while. Psst, hint: they're the protagnists. There are other teams too, of course. That's how the Order works in dreams. One person starts a team by training a person or two and branching off with them to form their own team, and while those people train other people but aren't ready to branch off, they form a team. As one group gets too large, it branches off. In order to protect the identities of people within the special ops, most of them only communicate through text messages rather than face to face, as the last security breach was worsened by the fact that all the special ops knew each other's real identities.

Of the team we're following, Hellion trained Talnaver and Raiyn (with Talnaver to succeed as a team leader and Raiyn disinterested in training an apprentice), Talnaver trained Gabriel who took on Dayun and Lethe as apprentices. Hellion was trained by Kalin and Althea, both of whom were killed in said security breach.

Woo, info dump. Not really relevant to what's going on, but maybe vaguely interesting because it's NOT intended to explain something, it just is. Random information, that is. Banner Exchange