Tuesday, November 25, 2008

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(Snake! Snake! SNAAAAAAKE!) I wanted an excuse to use blinding, dayglo red! SHUSH! This page was just a BLAST to paint. I had so much fun. I've been doing so many desaturated colors over the last scene and this one was just all blindingly red and blathery text... ee. The fady text on the last panel is not relevant, though you can read it if you want. But yeah, still, it was a fairly contentless update even though it was SO MUCH FUN. Want more vampiry goodness? Maybe you should read Abandon: The First Vampire. Want some vampirey and werewolfy and magicky and everything elsey goodness? Maybe you should read Sorcery 101. DON'T want vampirey goodness? Well, why are you reading Between Places, then. Maybe you'd like snarky robot goodness instead! Go read Marooned, a Space Opera in the wrong key!

Wordcount: 75,133. Verified, a winner is me! Isn't going to stop me from writing more. Thursday and Sunday's pages may or may not be late. We'll see.

The memory broke the moment. She jumped down from the platform. The bottom of her skirt and her slippers were wet, she could feel water droplets on the back of her hair and shook the braid out as best she could.

The guard looked unapologetic as he released her hand.

“Won’t you be in trouble for that?” she asked.

He smiled and kissed her on the cheek. “Absolutely.” He pulled his helmet back on and smiled from underneath it. “But sometimes, sometimes the moment beckons. My name is Faigh Samhuinn. You will never see me again. They wouldn’t dream of letting us speak again. But remember.” He tapped her shoulder. “We shared a moment. And sometimes that moment’s all that matters.”

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