Thursday, October 23, 2008

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You guys like free music, right? Well, here, check it out! The Truegoods is offering a free sampler of their new album--Lollipops and Hand Grenades--to, well, evidently anyone who downloads it! Check them out, download their music, friend them on MySpace if you feel the urge... hey. Free music. ^_^ I'd say they sound kind of like Tripmeter, but most of you guys probably don't know Tripmeter either. But you SHOULD!

I've changed my vote incentive to a concept sketch for a new character for chapter three... the concept page will only be up from today, til the 26th, because then she should be introduced into the story. So get your votes in on Top Webcomics if you want to see the new character design! I'm going to try get a Halloween incentive out too, so keep your eyes open!

Whew. This is the end of chapter two, I guess. If I don't end up sneaking in another page, the chapter three cover will come out on Saturday--not Sunday--as it's too cheap to use as its own update. Banner Exchange