Thursday, July 3, 2008

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1) OMG NEW NARRATOR TAG. See what I mean? This is Avante (white/silver haired elf MC), but the green one was Shay and the blue one at the start was Dayun... and there will be more. Leave comments if you think it's baffling and I should be adding a script tag. I'll edit back if necessary. But usually the narrator is evidently the leader in the scene anyway...

2) OMG SHINY SPECIAL EFFECTS. (dies) I fail miserably, but I think it looks cool. It's so hard to try indicate 'she's not real, just imagination'. I fail at art. Lol. So I went with anime feathery look even if I'm not drawing anime... no western comic on hand to reference with a 'imagining this' look.

3) Random scribbling?

3.5) RANDOM SCRIBBLING! Okay, not quite. 'How much longer', for anyone who cares, in Ekaeli. What's Ekaeli? Totally irrelevant to this story. But it's the one single language I've invented on paper and still use. It's damn complicated for an alphabet too. But I didn't want what she was saying to be legible since it's irrelevant, I just wanted it to be kind of 'random words swimming up in the consciousness and the pink narrator bubble', which, incidentially, is a narrator bubble, just warped shaped. Mysada's are inclined to be that way OMG WUT SPOILER??? Yeah. XD

4) Um... yeah... nothing to see here, move along.

So... yeah, I don't know why my linebreak tags aren't WORKING... Banner Exchange