No, really, I do get a question frequently. I figure I'll answer it right now. That question is essentially--HOW DO YOU DO IT? YOUR ART IS DIFFERENT WHAT ARE YOU DOING? in its various incarnations. For everyone with that question, well, here's a tutorial. Chapter 2, page 4, step by step. If you're too lazy to read that (it's not very good), well, there's no lineart and I like textures and brushes and opacity pressure sensitivity/hard edged brush with medium flow in Photoshop CS2. No traditional medium. =P Some of the resources used in this comic are my own. The more useful brushsets I've made for this comic are in my DeviantArt gallery and you may feel free to use them for anything you want (except you profiting from selling them as your own work, of course.)

Between Places is a genre bender fantasy, with sci-fi, mystery and other elements. The script was written for ScriptFrenzy '07, in one month of crazed script writing.

If you're interested in using my art for anything, simple terms: signatures and avatars and icons are all good, no need to ask. I'd prefer credit if you use it for a layout or anything like that, and anything that makes you money is a no go without contacting me first. Signature, avatar, icon, wallpaper, representing your RP character online, those sort of no-profit uses are fine. Contact me if you think it might be iffy.

If you're interested in linking back to Between Places, drop me a line and I'll check your site out too. There's banners of all shapes and sizes (well, they all have four corners) on the link page for Between Places.

Questions and comments and criticism are welcomed. I can't very well add frequently asked questions if people don't ask them!