About the Story:
This About page is not necessary to read Between Places, but it will probably make things make a lot more sense if you're not patient enough to wait until it's revealed in story. Everything here should be revealed in story in due time.

The story is more of a story about Mysada than anything, as I've never liked protagnists anyway. It follows the stories of Dreshae, Talnaver, Gabriel, Dayun, the Maldlahin, Shay, Avante and a few others--essentially a story of a clash of sides rather than one person's quest for something. The cast page contains all the details you hopefully need to know about the characters. As for the organizations...

The E.L.F. is the Order's shorthand branding for Extrodinary Life Forms. Though this should extend to include their own men, they ignore this and tend to only apply it to the evil life forms, who, true to their name, tend to take on the appearance of elves--pointy eared, long haired, long living fantasy creatures inspired by Tolkien. Not all of them, however, adhere to this physical standard. Most of them have some form of facial marking, and a glow to their eyes, these based on elemental alignment. Vampires and werewolves and fae creatures are also common for the E.L.F.s, and to some lesser extent, monsters and demons and angels. They always appear as an extrodinary creature, never a mere human.

Bringing us to the Order. The Order is too important for a name, too intergalactic to not be feared. In their galactic side of the organization, they will entirely deny that they believe the existance of magic and alternate universes, but their group of 'level eight access' agents walk the line between fantasy and reality. Talnaver, Gabriel, and Dayun are three of these agents, working under the elusive Foreyes. Ordered agents have a single ability based on the properties of telepathy, transmutation and telekinesis. Talnaver, for example, is a mild telepath and can implant suggestions and name people, whereas Gabriel as a mutated transmutant can stop time.

The Order of Maldlahin are the personifications of the elements: earth, air, fire, water, light, dark--as well as the metaphysical elements: time, space, order, chaos, dreams and memory. Maldlahin themselves can rarely effect the physical world, either dwelling without their memories in a human form, powerless and helpless, or as a phantom of the between places, acting only through their guardians. Their guardians can be anyone. In human form, they can have children, and their children are far more likely to have elemental abiltiies than other humans. Though psuedu-immortal, once killed they return to their former form and their guardian takes their place as elemental being. Pysical elements (earth, air, fire, water, etc) are classified under CHAOS and Psychic elements (telepathy, transmutation, telekinesis) are classified under ORDER. The six others are TIME elements. As for the Maldlahin themselves...

EARTH: Galvahaert
AIR: Disvana
FIRE: Abroidine
WATER: Navadae

Elkri are elemental creatures that exist in the real world. They can shift and be born as an ordinary being that they have formerly imprinted. They bond to a mortal and may be completely unaware that they are this mortal's power source.

Vampires are Extrodinary Life Forms, but true vampires are the imprint of the Vilanar family from the real world into the multiverse to keep the Order at bay. The Order sees them as E.L.F. operatives and oposes them as such, unaware of their real world affiliation.

Likewise, the Order of Wizards is the Order's imprint in the multiverse, operatives from the real world acting in the fantasy world as magicians--and acting out as agents.

The multiverse is the world of interconnected dreams, and multiple realities. Magic is real here. The Order seeks to protect it and the elves to destroy it. The planet Mysada is one of these dreams, in which the planet herself is a personification.

It's quite a serious story, really. Since I'm not very good at writing anything else. My goal is to make it beautiful by the end. I've never done a comic before. I'd say my genre is a mix of fantasy, science fiction and crime/noir, and drama, of course. Just a bit of noir. Mm. That comes in more in the sequel, mind you. Which I may never get to. I like genre benders.

More specific details about the cast can be found in the sporatically updated Cast page. If I haven't added a character yet and you want to know more about them, poke me.

I'm quite open to questions, I don't know what people are interested in knowing about unless they tell me. I'm email friendly and there's a forum too. And you can feel free to comment on specific pages and I'll answer eventually. XD So by all means, let me know what you want to see on the cast page and here.