About Me: Hi. I sign things as T, for Tiana or Tiffany, the latter being my real name, the former being my internet handle. (Also known as Metruis) I'm 19 (!), heading into journalism or graphic design for a career and I live in Canada.

And yes. I like the cold. It's not that we're better. It's just that we're less worse.

My DeviantART is here and I can be contacted at this email address. I do not have Myspace, Facebook, Livejournal or instant messengers. I don't care if everyone else does. That is exactly why I do not.

I work for the local paper, I have a bunch of siblings, I do not master in any particular art form, my room is painted purple and has random things stuck on the wall and it has lots of laundry on the floor. I like purple and green. I write and draw for the webcomic Between Places, if that's not pitifully obvious enough. And the web design. Yep.